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Home Business Planning & Organization

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Designing a Home Office
Creating a home office design that matches your work style is easy. First identify all of the activities that will take place in the space. Tips include making sure that cords are long enough, ensuring enough electrical outlets and telephone jacks, setting up home office computer wiring, establishing a focal point for a room, choosing furniture for a home office and selecting a desk. This resource also includes information on how to arrange a work area, install home office lighting, purchase a chair, install sufficient shelving and consider modular home office pieces.

Be Careful When Choosing an Auto Body Shop
Before you choose an auto body shop, make a point of checking out this informative article. You will find tips for finding a body shop which can provide quality work at an affordable price. Consumers are reminded to consider more than cost when choosing an auto body shop. Also important are the mechanic's communication skills, and the shop's reputation for getting the work done in a timely manner. If you have a need for an auto body shop Los Angeles, check out Westwood Auto Body. They offer a lifetime guarantee on their work.

Get More Local Business Reviews on Yelp, Google, Other Online Review Sites
Review HELPER has a service that makes it very easy, quick and convenient for any customer to give you a review on an online review site. All customers have to do is fill out a questionnaire, and the the service does rest. This questionnaire can be filled out on a website, but it can also be completed by telephone—meaning that customers who cannot even type or know how to use the Internet can give you a review.

Use a Checklist Along with Your Bulk Mail Software for Maximum Results
Whether you are a newbie to mass mailing or have a lot of experience with this type of program, the United States Postal Service's Checklist for Mailers helps you stay on track, whether you use bulk mailing software or not. The steps involved in sending out a bulk mailing are set out simply. From deciding on a class of mail to creating your mail piece and choosing a payment method and getting your mailing permit, the process is set out for you to follow. See MailersMVP for a best-price guarantee on bulk mail software for direct mailing. They sell all the industry-leading postal software for professional mailers.

Five Tips for Saving Money on Car Rentals
No one wants to spend more than they have to on a car rental. Consumers around the country have become more budget-conscious over time, and these money-saving tips can help to keep costs down. Check out this site to get great tips which will benefit you, including declining the insurance coverage on your auto rental. Business travelers and others can use the tips to get the best value for their dollar on auto rental fees. For an under 21 car rental Los Angeles, check out Rent A Wreck in LA. See Marathon Car Rental for excellent rates and service for a car rental in Culver City. They will pick up within a 3-mile radius of their locations in Culver City/West LA, and Downey.

Work-at-Home Office Design
Upstart and seasoned entrepreneurs and corporate tele-workers alike—as well as companies marketing to them—will gain valuable insights on the latest trends, statistics and motivations that influence 34 million at-home workers. Discover how the smart blend of technology, furnishings, design, organizing and state of mind can create the perfect home, small or virtual office. Jeff Zbar's site offers resources for work-at-home employees, including how to decorate a home office. Tips and articles are offered about designing a home office, start-up tips, creating a closet office, designing a funky home office.

HGTV Home Office Section
Home and Garden Television has a wealth of information about home office and workspace, including office redesign, masculine offices, retro home offices, home office suites, tranquil music room and retreat, painters studios, home office makeovers, old west offices, seaside home offices, industrial home offices, vintage home office furnishing, L-shaped desks, sea-inspired offices, choosing an office chair, kitchen offices and converting an old bedroom into a home office. Links go to articles with tips and explanations of room makeovers, including before and after home office photos.

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