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Do-It-Yourself Lighting Projects

6 Creative DIY Home Lighting Ideas
Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage today. Whether you would like to refashion an old piece of clothing into something useful or decorative or turn a boring, everyday object into a striking piece of art, you will surely find some tutorial that will show you how. Why buy when you can make your own, right? In this article, you will find six clever ideas on how to create your own chandelier or light pendant. You can make nifty and elegant-looking light fixtures with the use of some yarn, ping pong balls, coffee filters, marquee letters, feathers, and even some bamboo skewers – the choice is yours!

Designing a Home Lighting Plan
Lighting is one of the most important aspects in a home; it is also the most overlooked part. We turn lights on and off with nary a thought, but without them, we would not be able to work or do what needs to be done around the house. In this article from HGTV, Jill Connors gives a brief history of lighting - from animal oil lamps to today’s LED lights - and provides a link to HGTV’s Planning Guide to Lighting. The guide is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to embark on a lighting design project - from setting goals, gathering ideas for lighting schemes, down to the selection of lighting fixtures that one can use.

25 Illuminating DIY Lighting Projects
Create your own unique lighting design using these 25 creative DIY lighting ideas. This includes cardboard chandelier, wire waste basket, geometric wire lampshade, cube pendant light, illuminated bouquet, mini marquee, electric umbrella, ping pong lights, yarn lanterns, light up headboard, work light bundle, Sputnik chandelier, hoop lights, dodecahedron, wax paper capiz shells, and vintage marquee, the official marquee of Brit + Co.. Each project comes with a step-by-step procedure on how you can create them, along with the things you need. Note that these materials are very affordable and can be easily bought from stores. A lot of them are common household items and you probably have them already.

21 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas
Itching to do some crafting with your hands and your extra time? Why not do some DIY lighting projects? This resource provides 21 creative lighting fixtures ideas you could make yourself or take inspiration from. Who says home improvement is expensive? By using everyday objects like tin cans, mason jars, cups, wine bottles, cloth, paper and other similar materials, you can come up with aesthetically pleasing and unique light fixtures to beautify your home with. You can make yourself some globe pendant lamps, a dry ribbon lamp shade, a garden lampshade, a faux capiz chandelier, and even a chandelier made of tree branches and twigs!

25+ DIY Light Fixture Projects for Every Skill Level
Do you have a good eye for design? If you love arts and crafts, then your home must be peppered with DIY items that are both decorative and useful. A good home design is not limited to furniture and other furnishings. It includes good lighting, too. In this article, you will find creative and crafty ideas about designing light fixtures. Even if you are not particularly crafty, you will find this resource helpful because it features lighting projects for beginning, intermediate, and expert crafters. Have a ball trying your hand at making a geometric pendant light for your living room, designing a moon and stars headboard for your child’s bedroom, or a bushel basket pendant light for your kitchen.

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