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Specific Gardening Types & Locations (01)

Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening Learning Center
Greentrees Hydroponics provides an excellent educational area on its site for hydroponics and indoor gardening. There are about five to 10 information pieces in each category: hydroponics, nutrient (a feeding calculator, mixing rates and mixing ratios, a nutrient deficiencies table, and more), indoor gardening (with such topics as controlling heat, specifications for exhaust blowers and a CO2 calculator), grow lights, manufacturers and distribotrs, and other helpful links for more information resources.

Japanese Gardens on Asia Welcome
This website dedicated to the art and culture of Japan proves an excellent section, with luscious photographs, on Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens are serene and beautiful and provide joy to a lot of people. Typical Japanese gardens include water, bridges, statues, stones or lanterns. The site explains that Japanese gardens focus on nature entwined with dignity and grace. This informative online showcase discusses the Karesansui style of Japanese gardens, which means dry landscape, as well as other Japanese garden types. The Tsukiyama garden uses ponds, trees, bridges, hills and stones to create a miniature reproduction of natural scenery. And Chaniwa tea gardens, which are connected with a tea cerremony house are found throughout Japan. This an excellent resource if you are thinking about creating a Japanese garden, or just want to learn more about them.

An Outdoor Fountain Can Help You Decorate Your Garden
When you are designing your flower or vegetable garden, be sure to add some elements that reflect your personal taste. Garden flags and banners are a way to add your own signature to the outside space. You may also want to add a statue or two into the mix. Don't forget to include one or more garden fountains into your plans. You can combine the look of a statue with the benefits of a fountain by purchasing a statue that doubles as a fountain. Why not check out your local retailer to see what is available?

Hydroponics: An Overview
When it comes to growing plants without soil, hydroponics is the term that defines it. This website gives an overview of hydroponics, which has followed a natural evolution from farms to greenhouses. The method of hydroponic gardening is a low-maintenance and efficient way to cultivate plants and crops. It involves doing routine checks on pH levels, topping up on water levels, changing nutrients every 7 to12 days and preferably using a timer to automatically turn the garden lights and off.

Garden Museum
Did you know a museum of gardening and garden history exists? Well it does and you have found its website. The museum of gardening is located in London. The mseum was founded in 1977 to rescue the abandoned ancient church of St. Mary's from demotion. The church is the burial place of John Tradescant, known as the first great gardener and plant hunter in England. The Garden Museum showcases the art, history and design of gardens. The website features topical tips from gardeners past. While the tips aren't meant for practical advice, it gives gardeners a look back into what gardening used to be. Like many other sites, this site contains an extensive plant list as well. This nicely laid out site also features a lot of garden links and extra resources.

Garden Supply: Advice, Ideas and Tips
This useful site will provide gardners with advice on which supplies, plants and tools you'll need to create your own backyard paradise. In addition, you'll get special tips on decorating gardens with birdhouses, patio accessories, fountains and even garden supplies. Do you want to learn how to grow the best tomatoes ever? How about reading about the special benefits of composting? This site has it all, in an easy-to-read format

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