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Specific Gardening Types & Locations (02)

Monthly Garden Tips for Southern Florida Gardeners
This site features tips that can be found in the book, "A Garden Diary: A Guide to Gardening in South Florida" by Robert G. Haehle and M.E. DePalma. This diary is a useful compilation of Haehle's frequently asked questions from his radio show, column and personal appearances. Month by month you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, which will help you solve problems at the time they occur, along with instructions on what to do in your garden that month. Learn what, where, and when to plant; when to feed; when to water and what may be making your plant sick.

Grow Light Bulbs in Hydroponic Lighting Systems
When choosing a hydroponic lighting system, it's important to know what types of lighting systems are available. This guide helps gardeners choose a grow light bulb that will suit their gardening needs. There are three types of bulbs used in grow lights that hydroponics gardeners use - Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Fluorescent. Information about each is included in this handy guide of HID lighting systems.

Veggie Gardening Tips
This is a large blog-type site Featuring Gardening Tips, Organic Techniques, and Ornamental Plants for Growing Incredible Vegetable, Fruit, and Herb Gardens. It showcases current topical articles, and provides a lot of videos. The categoies are numerous. Some are general, such as beginner gardening tips, seed starting techniques, organic gardening and fertizers and pest control, which others focus on specific items such as leafy greens, root vegetables, garlic, tomatoes, and muschrooms and soil fungi. There's also a Gardening Blogroll of links to externals blogs on interesting topics such as Cold Climate Gardening and Gardening in New York City.

Vegetable Gardening Tips FAQs
Practical advice about using vegetable gardenign is available here in question-and-answer format. There's a lot of different questions, and you can access them by clicking on links in the left hand column for the following categories: containers or grow boxes, mitigating heat in hot climates, mittleider method, compost and manure, vegetables and fruit, fertilizers, hydroponics, organic, pollination, seeds, soil, watering, weeding, greenhouses, controlling pests and diseases, crop rotation, hard times or emergency gardening, growing seedlings, trees, flowers, commercial growing, soil preparation, pruning vining crops, planting times for vegetables, fall crops, preserving the harvest, plant spacing, propagating fruits and vegetables, garden layout and design, square foot gardening, vertical growing, sustainable gardening, and more.

Gardening in the Southwest
This section on Better Homes and Gardens offers information for everything you'd need to know about creating and maintaining a colorful and low-maintenance desert Southwestern garden. Learn about low maintenance native plants for Southwestern gardens, the best plants for attacting birds or butterflies, and varieties most resistant to deer, and the plants with the most vibrant colors and most fragrant flowers. Specific articles cover such thing as the top fruit trees or top garden roses for the Southwest. The site offers tips gardening tips for specific months. There's also a question and answer section with the garden doctor.

Visit the site for more resources: GardenSpecific.com

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