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Ideas for Better Home Decoration

Home Decorating Tips on HowStuffWorks.com
If you want to make your dream home to be a more interesting place to stay, this set of decorating tips at HowStuffWorks.com can surely help you a lot. This page contains useful articles such as tips on how to create an effective plan, how to integrate new decorating ideas, how to organize a decorating project, and how to decorate your home on a budget. There is also a dedicated article that explains the difference in hiring a professional and doing it yourself. Other articles talk about color, texture and pattern, as well as lighting design tips.

SheKnows Home & Garden Channel
No matter what part of your home or garden you're looking to decorate, this site has an article designed specifically for you. There are articles on storage and organization, on garden and patio decor, on blinds and wall coverings, on lighting, furniture, kitchens, slipcovers, home gadgets and more. You'll also find in-depth articles and helpful hints and tips on such subjects as using candles to achieve a mood, brushed faux painting techniques, Fall home decorating ideas, clearing clutter and rearranging your decor, organizing your bathroom with baskets, patching drywall, design projects that you can do in a weekend, how to have a happy close closet, tips for decorating your living room, 10 hours to a spotless and organized kitchen, how to decorate a dorm room, there are even tips for a beautiful lawn. Whatever your decorating needs, inside or out, this site has helpful tips and ideas that can make your projects go more quickly and easily.

Check Out Tips for Indoor, Outdoor Fireplace Buyers
The information presented in this article will help both indoor, outdoor fireplace buyers. It presents an overview of the options available to modern consumers who are looking for a way to have a fashionable decorative piece that is also functional. If you know you want to add a fireplace of some type to your home but aren't sure what your options are, check out this page to help you narrow down your choices.

Creative Wall Coverings
This site has one of the best Glossaries of decorating terms I've ever found. But that's not all this site has to offer. This site has several very helpful and insightful articles on Hanging Murals, Hanging Wall Coverings, Hanging Wallpaper, How to Strip Old Wallpaper, How to Put Up Borders, Tips on Measuring (How not to make mistakes!), How to Estimate the Number of Wall Paper Rolls you'll need, How to Prep a Wall for Papering, plus an archive of additional articles such as How to Design for a Teenaged Girl's Room, Creating a Grand Entrance, Creating Imaginative Kids' Rooms, Getting Back to Nature, How to Express Yourself with Wall Coverings, How to Create a Unique Look with Wall Paper and a whole lot more. If you have any questions about how to brighten up a room through the use of wall covering, this site has you completely covered.

A Corner Electric Fireplace Can Be Decorative and Functional
If you are thinking about installing a corner electric fireplace in your home, check out this informative web site. The benefits of doing so include freeing up wall space and creating an immediate focal point in your room. Along with the advantages of installing a corner electric fireplace in your home, you can find out about one person's experience installing a unit in their home.

Articles & Advice on GetToDecorating.com
GetToDecorating.com presents the finest design and decorating ideas from actual beautiful home in North America, so that you can select those details and ideas the appeal to your own personal taste. As you'd expect, there's a lot of emphasis on the visual, and so the site provides many photographs. The site depends on annual membership fees, like a regular magazine. Unlike a magazine, however, the site is designed so that the consumer (or the professional decorator) can choose the exact rooms or styles they're interested in. Here's just a sampling of topics in the Articles & ADvice section: bedrooms, ceilings, children's rooms, dining rooms, entries, halls, stairways, family rooms, wlls, gates, fences, mantels and fireplaces, game rooms, gym, home theaters, landscaping, living roms, laundry rooms, patwios, decks, lanais, sitting rooms, wine cellars, and much more.

Visit the site for more resources: BetterHomeDecoration.com

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