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Home Business Planning & Organization

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Home Office Design - Basic Planning and Organization
This site offers a succinct description and advice for a home office, concentrating on three major areas: work space, support space, and active storage. Other helpful pieces of information include advice on energy, privacy, organization, and the separation of home space from home office space. As with any home office advice site, the objective is to get you organized and productive.

Organizing Your Home Office by LifeOrganizers.com
Organization is the key to keeping a home office running smoothly and to keeping your home office from eventually spilling out and taking over your entire house. A good filing system is the keystone to an organized and well-run office and this site is filled with tips for creating and maintaining a good, simple, and most importantly workable filing system. One article on this site discussing how to organize your files with a handheld labeler. Other articles discuss keeping papers under control, creating a good filing system, and even organizing business cards. In organizing files, there is a multi-step approach: 1) sort & discard; 2) determine quantiy files needed; 3) identifying/ labeling the files; 4) estimate the file cabinet size. You then need to maintain the file system. Another point is to open your mind to different containers in which to file papers, as you are not necessarily stuck with a traditional file cabinet. Alternative file holders can be anything from wicker baskets to decorative shopping bags.

Direct Marketing 101 Covers Building Your Bulk Mailing List with Direct Mail Software and More
Direct marketing using postal software is a way to get information about a new product or service in front of prospects relatively quickly. Discover the advantages of this form of promotion, get tips for building your program list, devloping your mailer, and how to test your campaign. Tips for running the mass mailing campaign, handling customer responses and analyzing the results are included.

10 Tips to Get Your Home Office Organized
Get 10 tips for getting your home office in shape from Peter Walsh, who has appeared on Clean Sweep and Oprah. The information is provided in handy, bite-sized components and you can choose to implement any or all of them. Whether you are new to having a home office or have been using part of your home in this way for some time, you will find something valuable presented here.

Organizing a Home Office
Brief tips for home office organization including creating a simple filing systems, getting rid of unwanted paper clutter, purchasing a book to use for bookkeeping, purchasing functional and affordable furniture, using baskets for home office storage, logging in expenses and home office income, grouping telecommuting work tasks, and setting aside separate time for clerical tasks.

Home Office Planning Guide
This is an article written by Jennifer Noonan at BobVila.com, the official website of famous American home improvement TV show host Bob Vila. Here, Ms. Noonan explains first the three important steps in creating a home office Identifying the needs, choosing the space, and placing the office equipment and furniture. She also provided some tips on how to choose the appropriate office desk and chairs, and lightings as well. Jennifer relates the importance of using the latest computer model and software. On the last part, the female blogger emphasized that organizing everything is still the main key to have an efficient home office.

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