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Home Business Planning & Organization

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Trimming Paper Clutter
If your home office is a wreck, follow these easy-to-read tips that should help you cut down on paper clutter. Site explains filing categories you can use for bills, receipts, copies, errands, and calls. Includes information about how to decide which papers need to be thrown out. If your mailbox is filled with catalogs that you don't order from—or don't want to be tempted to order from in the future—you can request that they not be mailed to you. Write to the address below and ask them to take your name off their direct mail list. You'll prevent clutter from the catalogs themselves, as well as from all the things that you don't buy because you never knew you needed them.

Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Design
Tips for home office design include choosing comfortable furniture, arranging your desk in an L-shape, using adequate storage space, choosing home office lighting, grouping equipment to centers of operation (includes faxes, phones, computers), planning with portability in mind, setting up your office where you want it, personalizing your home office, creating a home office on a budget, and planning for home office growth.

Two Professional Organizers Share Tips on How to Have an Organized Home Office
The first page of this post at HGTV.com was written by Vicki Norris, a professional organizer of RestoringOrder.com. Here, she discussed how important it is to invest on furniture but still making sure that there is enough space. Ms. Norris mentioned the three different activity centers that should be established. Her third tip focuses on the hardware and their accessories should be positioned. The second page was written by Tom Nevermann, who is also a professional organizer and dubbed as the Moving Doctor. Here, Tom discussed his own seven tips on how to manage computer cables and wires, as well establishing an area for paperwork.

Get Your Home Office Set Up with Tips from This Old House
Do you need some inspiration for your home office design? Check out the image gallery posted on by This Old House! The site also includes helpful articles about going green for your home office space, choosing an Internet-based phone service, adding a second phone line, tips for working with an interior designer, and more. Discover how you can use space in your kitchen, basement or attic into a workplace.

20 Ideas for Small Home Offices
This introduction of this post by Sherry Nothingam at Decoist.com explains the difference between home offices and cubicles used in real offices. The entire page contains twenty photos of different designs of small home offices. Each photo has a short description, along with the name of the source. Among the locations of the offices inside the house include beneath the stairs, bedroom for teenagers, laundry room, and behind the couch. The small home offices are organized properly, with a touch of various colors and artistry. The architects responsible for the design were able to maximize the space available, and make them neat and attractive.

Time and Money Management
Website features office time and money management section with links to articles on daily planners, learning about palm pilots, budgeting time, money management, home office help and frugal finds. Section on home office help includes information for desk organizing. Tips include addressing problems in time blocks, using organizational aids, clearing space, evaluating desk items, sorting through desk papers, and using a friend to help you organize your home office desk efficiently.

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