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Home Business Planning & Organization

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Top 5 Home Office Solutions
According to this site the home office has evolved from a simple desk and a chair from which to pay a few bills to, in many cases, a complete business structure with computers, fax machines, scanners, and all the other trappings of a modern office. This transformation calls for new thinking on the part of the home office worker as it applies to creating a space that is both functional as well as compatible with the rest of the home. Tips include first finding a place that will accommodate your needs. If your needs are small then your space can be small, but if your needs are extensive you should not try to crowd a large office into a small space. Find a way to accommodate the space that is actually needed to get the job done. There are also tips on choosing the right furniture, ways to simplify and organize and even ways to make a statement with your office. The second part of the article deals extensively with the economics of setting up an office and has a multitude of tips for organizing and creating an office space on a budget. Whether you need a small space for paying bills and catching up on a bit of extra work from the office, or whether you are running a multimillion dollar internet business, this site has the information you need to get your home office set up and running smoothly.

Moms' Advice on Organizing a Home Office
This blog post by Sarah Brooks at SheKnows.com mentions two mommy bloggers McKenzie Guymon and Jennifer "Jen" Jones. Both moms have shared their own home office organization tips, along with photos of their office area on their respective homes. McKenzie gives some suggestions on how to create an inspiring home office. She also suggested using clipboards, chalkboards, and whiteboards as useful items to make things easier to see. On the other hand, Jen shares her recommendations on how to simplify spaces, including minimizing the use of paper. She also advises every home office user to have an in-and-out box and to use a planner.

Get Your Home Office Set Up the Right Way
If you have decided to operate a business from your home, you need to a proper space for it. Find out how to get your home office set up properly from the start so that it works well for your needs and fits the space you have available. Get the information you need about choosing the right office desk and chair, home office computer, software, and supplies. Suggestions for outfitting the home office with the right equipment and caring for your home computer are included. Creative solutions for using available space are offered, including using shelving and a folding table for your office and how to covert a closet for this purpose. You will also find helpful tips about keeping your home office files secure.

Your Bulk Mailing Software Can't Calculate Rates; Check Out this Online Rate Calculator
When you are trying to figure out how much it will cost to get your mass mailing delivered, look to this Business Price Calculator from the United States Postal Service for help. Whether your program includes bound printed material, media mail or library mail, you can use the calculator to get rates. Links to business mailing information, postal zone charts, and postal AFO/FPO restrictions are provided.

28 Great Real-Life Home Offices
This feature on Houzz of real-life home offices prove that any room can be turned into an inspiring decorative gem of a home office. Houzz readers were aked to show their workspace, sutdio or office, and they responded with home office decor ideas for every type of workspace. One office is tucked inside an armoire. In another, after moving to a former dairy farm, a reader transformed the old milk house into the back into a vintage-style office space. In another that looks very modern and impressive, the wall of bookshelves and the desk are all from IKEA. One eco-friendly office space has custom-designed windows so the upper windows have maximum insulation and heat reflection, and the lower windows are designed to allow heat in during the winter when the sun is lower on the horizon; the solid bamboo floos were installed on a hydroponic heat subfloor. You can't help but get some useful ideas here for your own workspace.

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