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Home Business Planning & Organization

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7 Useful Home Office Organization Tips
In this article at SheKnows.com, Heather Lambie gives ideas about creating office zones and how to maximize their spaces. She also shares tips on how to organize office supplies and make them handy. Her third tip is how to help avoid having piles of papers, while the fourth one is about having a regular maintenance on the area before and after a day of work. Heather suggests that having an organized filing system is a must. On the last part, she mentioned some products that can help reduce the use of office paper such as receipts, business cards, and others.

Home Business Guides and Tips from About.com
This section on About.com contains tons of pages and articles about home business. There are posts that talks about specific hobbies that can be used to create a home business such as photography and baking cookies. There are also tips on how to think of a business idea, how to promote it online, how to protect it, and how to avoid scam. A particular article talks about affiliate marketing, which allows people to sell other's products online. Some articles discuss things on how to create a business website, how to create promotional videos, and how to use words (or copywriting) to promote a business.

Home Office Decorating Secrets
Home offices can accommodate as much office equipment as larger offices, with more comfort and personality. Natural lighting in a home office provides a connection to the outdoors. Figuring out the balance with natural and artificial light in your home office is discussed. Task lighting and ambient lighting are noted, as are dimmers and gooseneck lamps. Also mentions the benefits of a filing cabinet and bookcases. Mentions desks that close when work is done is a décor solution to keep home offices free of clutter.

11 Easy Steps to How to Have an Organized Home Office
This article at WikiHow.com features 11 steps on how to organize a home office. The first step is how to find a space in the house that can be ideal for office use. The second step recommends making sure that tables and chairs are comfortable to use. The third step is how to remove clutter and placing items that can inspire the user. The fourth and fifth steps are about cables and wires, and consideration when deciding to go wireless. The sixth step discusses having adequate lightings. The rest of the steps are tips on how to sort and organize everything.

Home Office Decoration
Choose a desk or table that coordinates with the style of the room. While you can settle for your typical Staples or Office Depot type desk, why not choose one that blends right in with the decor of the room? This article shows pictures of a home office, featuring a small contemporary desk that folds down from a wall. There are many places one can designate as the work area, but to do it properly, keep in mind that it's not going to be very functional if you don't carefully define the space as your "office". Gives tips and ideas for decorating a home office, with emphasis on home office storage and keeping your home office clutter free.

30 Simple Tips & Tricks on Home Office Organization
This long list of Home Office Organization Tips was written by Peggy Pardo at DecoratingFiles.com. First, Peggy emphasized that an office at home doesn't really need a big space, as long as it is comfortable and has everything the user needs. Among her suggestions include designating specific areas; having a good chair; taking advantage of the vertical space; creating a filing system; and making sure that cables and wires are not tangled. She also gave some examples of household items that can be converted into bins and containers for office supplies. This includes a used dish drainer and an ordinary dresser drawer.

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