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Investing in Real Estate

101 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Real Estate Investing
This RETipster blog post provides a long and informative list of RE investment tips, which can be used by both the novice and experienced investors. The post actually lists 101 tips meant to improve real estate investing strategies, but the three top tips include collaborating with like minded team members, knowing the investment numbers for maximum profitability, and being meticulous about property research without which a deal can easily fall through. All the tips provided on this post are from experienced real estate investors. Read through all other fabulous RE investment tips on this post.

Inside the Real Estate Crowdfunding Land Rush
According to this Bloomberg article, real estate crowd funding involves small time investors who frequently buy, renovate, and sell homes after acquiring funds or loans from trustworthy (accredited) large investors who are well funded enough to lose some of it. Some of the RE crowd funding platforms allow investors to buy equity stakes in real estate projects or fund large commercial projects. At least two companies, namely Fundrise and GroundFloor, have created mechanisms to allow common investors to invest with minimal capital.

Hotel Investment Forum
The Berlin Conference site introduces the 20th International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF)to be held in Berlin, Germany, between 6 and 8 March 2017. The IHIF event lasts for three days, and attracts over 2,000 hospitality and tourism industry influencers, investors, leaders, operators, and decision-makers from over 70 countries around the globe. IHIF provides a common platform to attendees to close deals or make very important decisions in those three days. IHIF focuses on delivering opportunities to anyone connected to the hotel and tourism industry or to someone interested in doing business in this sector.

Spain Property Guide
Global Property Guide in this post indicates that after almost seven years of falling house prices, Spanish housing market is gradually recovering. Spanish house price increase has turned around for the better since Q4 2015. The TINSA figures on house prices indicate that there has been a 0.83 percent price increase during the year to end Q2 2016. The Bank of Spain reports far stronger house price escalations during the year to end Q1 2016, which indicates that the Spanish house prices rose by 6.34 percent. The recovery of the Spanish market may be partially due to the open recent introduction of visa policy for foreigners.

Miami Appeals to Hotel Investor
This newsletter report from GVS Global Hospitality Service reviews the Year 2011 in Miami Hotel Industry history. The Report argues that the economic downturn and restricted hotel constructions through 2009, 2010, and 2011 benefitted only the existing hotels, which gained historic occupancy levels during this lean period in the history of U.S. hotel industry. The corporate pinch on traveling budgets during 2009 and 2010 let the average corporate customer highly conscious of room prices and hotels were forced to operate on huge discounts, and depend on other third-party entities to sell rooms. These desperate sales strategies resulted in the decline in average room rate. The challenge that the current hoteliers face to gradually phase out the discounted room rates that the economic downturn created.

Spain Tourism Boom to Drive Increased Hotel Investment
World Property Journal in this article indicates that the sudden boom in hotel investments in Spain has dominated the Spanish news channels in 2016. For some time now, Spain has consistently featured on media headlines as a booming tourist destination with record-breaking tourism traffic throughout 2015 with hopes of continuity till 2019. During the first seven months of 2015, more than 38 million foreign tourists visited this country, thus creating a new record in Spanish history of tourism. The news of this explosive tourism traffic has made investors interested in the Spanish hotel market, which has been further fueled by the new foreign entrants in the urban real estate investment markets.

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