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Resources for Remodeling Bathrooms

DIY Network: Bathroom
The bathroom section on the DIY Network website is over-flowing with great information on bathroom design, remodeling and general bathroom issues, all from a do-it-yourself perspective, of course. The site has articles on specific aspects of bathrooms, such as tile, vanities, showers, tubs, floors, toilets, facets, sinks and lighting. It also provides many features in categorized in major sections: 5-Star Spaces, Most popular, Out-of-the-Box Bathrooms, and Video Center. You'll find articles providing practical knowledge, such how to replace a bathroom faucet, as well as interesting ideas, such as the use of sisal carpet in a bath. There's plenty of information on top products, projects and how-to's for bathroom design and bathroom basics. And they have bathroom photo galleries. You can learn how renovate your bath in art deco style, or design it in glass. If you're looking for crazy bath remodeling ideas, you'll find those here as well.

Historic Bathroom Makeover
Case study about one bathroom that endured a remodel by relocating the hot water cylinder to the roof space, removing all the internal walls. Removing the multiple layers of ceiling. Opening up the back wall and putting in large bi-folding windows that opens up to the stunning view. The window is aluminum joinery and opaque glass. This is facing the most fabulous view of the hills that the owner wanted to capture. This is where the shower now lives. When demolishing the ceiling, it was obvious that numerous renovations had taken place—there were three layers of "new" ceilings. We therefore ended up with a higher ceiling than expected, a nice surprise making the new room more spacious. Photos of the bathroom-remodeling project are included to show the transformation.

Bathroom Sizing Guide
Brought to you by Bed Bath and Beyond, this handy web guide contains specific information to help you find the measurements you need to conduct bathroom makeovers. Shower curtains, bath rugs and towels can easily be purchased with the help of the guide. Shower curtains in standard and stall sizes are detailed, as are bath rugs in four common dimensions. Sizes of bath rugs specify what is best for carpeting pedestal sinks, outside tubs, areas that require runners, and large bathrooms.

Aging in Place Bathroom Planning Guide
If you have elderly people living with you, you should make sure they are safe and comfortable in every area in your house especially the bathroom. If you will follow this comprehensive guide from AgeInPlace.com, the first factor to be considered is space. This space should be wide enough to accommodate people on wheelchairs. Toilets should also be on a proper height. Buying a seat extender will add comfort, while installing grab bars is for the safety. On the other hand, bathtubs and showers should also be easy to access. Installing an adjustable shower head and shower seats will provide additional convenience for seniors. There are also safety tips about sinks, cabinets, doors, and flooring.

Visit the site for more resources: RemodeledBathroom.com

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