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For Rug Collectors


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For Area Rugs Collectors & Aficionados

Math Forum: Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
In this online exhibit, the study of symmetry is used to analyze patterns in Oriental carpets. It is a joint project of The Textile Museum and The Math Forum.

Marla Mallett Textiles and Tribal Oriental Rugs
This site by the author of Woven Structures: A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis features 3100 photos that illustrate a variety of textile art topics concerning antique tribal oriental rugs, kilims, tapestries and ethnic textiles from around the world.

Oriental Rug and Textile Books
Dennis B. Marquand Oriental Rug and Textile Books' website is focused solely on books you can buy on oriental rugs, carpets and other ethnographic and historical textiles. It includes full collections of publications such as Hali: Hali - The International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Art and Oriental Rug Review Magazine."

International Conference on Oriental Carpets
This conference began in 1976 and features exhibitions. Probably the most notable are "The Eastern Carpet in the Western World" & "Carpet Magic" (London 1983), "Orient Stars" (Hamburg 1993), and "Studies in Colour and Geometry: Turkish Pile Carpets from the Christopher Alexander Collection" & "Anatolian Kilims: The McCoy Jones Collection" (San Francisco, 1990). As well as exhibitions from museum collections worldwide, ICOC exhibitions have always featured the collections of "local" collectors, such as "Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collections" (Philadelphia 1996). In addition, since 1986, the conference has hosted an ever more successful Dealers' Fair. An international conference exists on many levels. As a forum for academic papers, it also serves as a godfather to research. The conference also provides a good meeting place to discuss fashions in rugs and theories. Perfect for newcomers because of the easily understandable forums.

Armenian Rugs and Carpets
Here is a detailed essay on the history and significance of rugs and carpets in Armenia. It says that rugs have been a vital part of Armenian domestic life since ancient times and we renowned in the Middle Ages—proof that Armenia has played an important role in the creation, development and perfection of rug making. Rugs were a profitable commodity in the Middle Ages, and this brought worldwide fame to the Armenian rug-making art, which is still very popular in the world market today. The article goes on to discuss carpets that have been discovered from ancient times, and therefore motifs that can be identified as distinctly Armenian. It talks about ornaments on other articles, such as murals, as well as colors and dyes. It's a very scholarly article covering the full historical timeline and the history of Armenian rug making.

Collectors Cafe
This site contains information for collectors, including everything from baseball cards to musical items. By searching for the tug section, you'll be brought to a section for rug collectors. Site discusses types of rugs to collect, and a brief history about rugs. Site includes classifieds, a chat room, an article library and more resources for rug collectors.

Visit the site for more resources: RugCollecting.com

Here are examples of reviews of resources on the craft of area rugs.

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