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Caring for Seniors/ Elderly Parents (01)

Chiropractor Care Explained by About.com
With this web page, you'll find information, reviewed by the site's medical board, on the practice of chiropractic for back and neck pain. When finished, you'll know just how chiropractic works through its drugless and surgery-free philosophy, where it's derived from, and how chiropractors use additional forms of physical therapy to assist in resolving a patient's pain issues. The web page also includes link to back and neck pain-related issues, such as additional suggested reading, chiropractic terminology, and related articles.

Safe Driving for Seniors: Stats and More
This site by the Loyola University Health System states that the number of fatal crashes in which older drivers are involved is increasing, reported the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: In 1988-98, the number of people aged 65 and older grew 14 percent. Every state but the District of Columbia showed an increase. But 23 of the states showed increases in elderly involvement in fatal crashes higher than the 14 percent increase in population. It also features information on safety tips for older drivers and how to approach a senior citizen driver if they need help with driving or transportation.

Caring for Elderly Parents: A Foreign Service Family Perspective
How to care for elderly parents is a major concern of many Foreign Service families. Our concerns mirror those of other American families, but how to ensure good health care, find the right living situation, and handle legal questions is often complicated for Foreign Service families by being posted abroad. The distance involved makes it harder to get information and help so contingency planning is essential, states this website. It gives useful tips for talking to elderly parents about their living situations and future care. Includes a useful list of danger signals that indicate a senior may be in trouble, such as increased car accidents, sudden weight loss or bizarre behavior.

Retirement Living: Residential Options and More
This site offers a database of senior housing, assisted living, nursing homes and home health care services for senior citizens in Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. It includes copies of magazine articles on senior citizen lifestyle issues, and includes a database of senior-related experts. Articles on senior living issues, as well as a section on events for senior citizens and those in the senior care field are also included.

Why Chiropractic Care is Good for Seniors
This editorial at SeniorCitizensGuide.com was contributed by the Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA). Based on the article, seniors can benefit a lot from chiropractic care. The post acknowledges the myth of this technique being unsafe and effective, but emphasized that these are not true. One of the main reasons mentioned why chiropractic care is good for seniors is that it is known to be great in relieving pain. This is because chiropractors have undergone rigid trainings when it comes to identifying and treating misalignments of the vertebrae. Chiropractic care is also being noted to helpful in reducing the chance of seniors of falling.

Caring for Aging Seniors
The members of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging serve two million people every day providing care for aging senior citizens. This is the homepage, which includes information on how to find a local chapter, business member directory, news and more. You can contact Congress members to discuss senior citizen health issues. Overall, this is a great clearinghouse of information for elderly seniors and children taking care of aging parents.

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