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Caring for Seniors/ Elderly Parents (02)

Elder Home Care and Caregiver Support
This website features a directory of elder home care and senior health care providers. You can also find assisted living, independent living and senior care facilities in the United States, as well as get legal information on elder law and elder citizen-related legal issues. There is a section on elder financial issues, elder travel, senior medical information and the latest senior-related news items are also included.

Straight from the Chiropractor's Blog
Geared toward chiropractors, the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic can be a surprisingly beneficial resource to prospective chiropractic patients too. The blogs are written in a conversational format that's easy to understand, even without a chiropractic background. Entries such as What Does Our Chiropractic Research Really Say will arm people with knowledge to take into the office prior to treatment, making you a more efficient consumer and active participant in your health care decisions. Additionally, you'll find the latest on chiropractic research and its relationship to areas of health care beyond back and neck pain, such as its relationship to allergy treatment. And if you need a chiropractor Los Angeles, Cooper Chiropractic serves Brentwood, Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.

What to Look for in an Assisted Care Facility
Assisted living facilities are very useful because they allow seniors to maintain independence while having the medical and personal care on hand if that is necessary. This site helps you evaluate your needs and consider your options and advises people to look for a set of values; a wide range of services; a certified, caring staff; useful, enjoyable programs; affordability with quality and other useful aspects. You can get help choosing an assisted care facility for the loved one in your life.

Home Safety and Disaster Preparedness for the Elderly
This paper discusses home safety for senior citizens, with a focus on home safety and disaster preparedness as a study. This paper explores the need for home safety modifications and attempts to identify how much senior citizens know about what they need to do to stay safe at home and avoid falls in their houses. There are only two pages here but it is a good example of studying senior citizen safety in homes.

Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms, Treatment and More
From the Alzheimer’s disease Education and Referral Center on the Web, you can get useful Alzheimer’s disease information. Sections include general information on Alzheimer’s disease, causes and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, how to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and how to treat Alzheimer’s disease. There are booklets you can print out about Alzheimer’s disease as well, and there is clinical trial information and a section for caregivers.

Visit the site for more resources: CaringForMySenior.com

Here are examples of reviews of resources on better elder living.

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