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Game Room Table Games

Pool and Billard Magazine
Website of Pool and Billiard Magazine features updated pool news, men and women players of the United States Professional Poolplayers Association, pool tournament recaps, pool television listings, a pool tournament calendar and a section on pool lessons and instructions. Pool lessons include diagrams of pool tables and playing strategies. Pool & Billiard Magazine is the sport's oldest monthly magazine and boasts the largest readership of billiard businesses, players and fans.

Table Tennis History
Table Tennis is believed to have begun in England during the 12th century as a spin-off of "Royal Tennis" and was popular as a parlor game in Victorian homes. Equipment was made from various homemade articles, such as cardboard for rackets, books as nets and the ball was usually a ball of string. Plastic balls were introduced to the game after an Englishman named James Gibb, visited America and discovered children playing with small plastic toy balls. He brought some back to England and used the plastic balls for table tennis. To his surprise, it gave an unexpected, overwhelming boost to this already popular game. After years of being called Gossima, Film-Flam and Whiff-Whaff, the name "Ping Pong" was finally adopted as a trade name by Parker Brothers because of the new sound these plastic balls made when they hit the table and the racket.

Air Hockey Tables
Learn everything about air hockey tables, specifically choosing the right air hockey table. This informative article begins with a brief air hockey history interlude about Bob Lemieux, who dreamed up the sport of air-hockey in the USA in November 1972, for billiards manufacturers Brunswick. A wide variety of hockey table brands are available with photos and links to retailers.

Choosing a Foosball Table
This company was founded by foosball enthusiasts who share a passion in improving the quality of foosball playing for consumers. After studying dozens of tables on the market through critical eyes of an educated consumer, we identified many areas of design and manufacturing we can improve upon in our quest to build tables with rich features and quality material that can live up to our un-yielding standards of User-friendliness, Playability, and Durability. Tips for choosing a foosball table include figuring out who will use the foosball table by age and height, choosing a safe foosball table, choosing light rods, grippy handles and the right lubrication, field surface and ball service, and wiggling men on the rods. A section on what to look for, in addition to folding foosball tables is also included.

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